In December, the Harmony team gathered for DayONE in San Francisco to celebrate the growth of the ecosystem in 2021. The team hosted 400 guests to discuss the future of Web3 along with the leading founders, builders, and investors. We also launched Chainlink price feeds on Harmony mainnet as the oracle solution for DeFi projects in the Harmony ecosystem.

TL:DR - December Updates

Chainlink - has launched on Harmony. With this integration, it's never been easier to create and execute such smart contract logic in a highly secure and reliable manner. To start building with Chainlink Price Feeds on Harmony today, refer to the following developer documentation.

ONEquest - Harmony aims to onboard ONE million users in the coming months. Now you can enter #ONEquest and win 1,000 ONE tokens as daily prizes for the race! To enter and win, complete the assigned five tasks. The fastest time from a wallet creation to posting #ONEquest on Twitter wins.

DayONE - Our team hosted 400 web3 builders and leaders in San Francisco for our #DayONE event to discuss the future of web3! The event was started with Stephen Tse’s keynote speech on β€œ100 DAOs & Cross-Chain Web3” followed by Gmunk showcasing his catalogue of digital art & NFT collection. Next, was a fireside chat with Anne Fauvre-Willis from OpenSea on the β€œNext Era for NFTs”. The Harmony core team came together to talk about the Harmony Project Highlights”. The event also had the top leaders & builders from Polychain Capital, FalconX, Next Hollywood and more engage in web3 discussions. Β Watch the whole event.

Team Offsite - To cap off the year, the Harmony core team met offsite to build strategies Β on 2022 initiatives. Topics included NFT infrastructure, ZK proofs, and scaling the Harmony Ecosystem.

ONE Africa DAO - made blue waves in Kenya by hosting one of the first Harmony Africa meetups. The DAO hosted a β€œWhat is the future of blockchain” themed meetup on 21st December 2021 calling out aspiring African DAOs to present their innovative projects and asking the Harmony community to join in on sharing their opinion.

Regional DAOs - Our page has begun translations in 8 regional languages that include Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, French, German, Indonesian & Chinese. We aim for more!

Harmony Careers - Harmony is a community-driven project, a network with billion dollars of assets, and a team wearing crazy ambitions on their sleeves. If you are an engineer, product designer, ecosystem builder, business developer or extremely passionate about the blockchain ecosystem, we’ve got a place for you! Apply today at

zku.ONE - is a #learntoearn initiative from Harmony. ZKU is a 7- week intensive course with practical hands-on learning and mentorship from industry experts. Guidance and further mentorship opportunities will also be provided for students who complete their final project, to allow them to apply for a $50,000 launch grant to kickstart their careers. The course starts on Dec 23 (Thursday). Register here by January 2nd, 2022.

Harmony 2021 Year in Review & Ecosystem Growth

From launching on mainnet to achieving 2-second finality, 2021 has been a year of growth of our ecosystem, the Harmony team has been focused on adoption, interoperability & decentralization. We accelerated adoption for the next 1 million users through workshops for developers, hackathons & grants.

Our success metrics for 2021

Apps - 227 apps with 553,511 wallets

Payouts - $7.71m payout for 108 Gitcoin bounties

Assets - 400m+ assets locked across cross chain bridges

Artists - 7,483 artists with $1.07m NFT sales

TL:DR 2021 Year in Review & Ecosystem Growth

Harmony Network & Blockchain Ecosystem

Harmony started the year by publishing our 2020 ecosystem growth and writing out our roadmap and strategy for 2021. We also completed full Ethereum tooling compatibility to allow developers to scale their applications on Harmony with low fees.

We delivered products and partnerships that greatly advanced our mission of building the future of cross-chain finance. Automated money markets like Sushiswap & Curve Finance launched on Harmony, the Harmony Explorer upgrade went live. Harmony also launched Horizon bridge, the first version of its Ethereum-Harmony cross-chain bridge on mainnet and then further extended to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

We also launched our cross-chain NFT bridge as part of the Horizon bridge. Cross-chain NFT bridge is as easy-to-use as the ERC20 token bridge on Horizon. There is a short video to demonstrate how to use the NFT bridge.

We also launched our $1 Million Hackathon Announced to bring Traditional Finance to Decentralized Finance. With over $1,000,000 in prizes and seed funding from Harmony and Prize Partners.

In September before ETH Lisbon 2021, we announced our $300M ecosystem fund for 100 DAOs. By now, we have 23 DAOs that are now funded with Gnosis Safe multi-signatures and Snapshot votings.

Harmony was featured in the Messari Report that goes in-depth about Harmony’s competing power, they said, β€œHarmony has the potential to compete with both L1s and L2s using its low fee, fast, and trustless bridge.”

Ecosystem & Partners

Harmony Events

Our team connected with partners in Paris during the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC).

Our team gathered in Lisbon to partner with builders, creators, dreamers, and the crypto community. The Harmony team spoke to over 100 Web3 builders to plan out products and campaigns. We launched our first billboard video during NFT NYC titled β€œCreate Wealth in Harmony’’ in Times Square.

We also participated in Dcentral Miami, with our booth featuring our ecosystem project that included Defi Kingdoms, MadinArt and others.

Lastly, we hosted a year-end event DAY ONE in San Francisco on December 8th to celebrate the entire ecosystem.

Become ONE with Harmony

Developers can build on Harmony today, a fast and open blockchain for decentralized applications. Harmony Mainnet supports state sharding with instant finality. Our staking mechanism reduces centralization while supporting delegation and slashing.

We ❀️ Developers

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