Harmony’s vision is “Open Consensus for 10B” (see harmony.one/story).

Toward a fully open development and platform, we publish our quarterly planning publicly here as harmony.one/plan. We follow Google’s OKRs.

We believe activity < productivity < impact < value < meaning.

Here are our main goals this quarter:

  • $10k transaction fees: stablecoin, animoca game, porting dai
  • $10m ONE staked: delegation, 3 pools (binance, blockdamon, staked.us), 10 wallets
  • 100% uptime: 40% external, $50k machine cost, 2-hour deploy
  • 10 hires: 3 eng, 1 biz, 3 interns, china (2 eng, 1 biz)

We wear our ambitions on our sleeves. But these goals are not guaranteed deliverables.

Leadership & Vision

stephen tse (@stse, medium)
rongjian lan (@rongjianlan, medium, github)
  • wallets / no throttle for token swap with binance, bitmax, kucoin (open deadline)
  • delegation, economics, slashing for EPoS specification
  • design doc for cross-shard HRC20/721 token standards
sahil dewan (@sahildewan, medium)
leo chen (@leo_hao, medium, github)
nick white (@nickwh8te, medium)
  • animoca game on mainnet with tooling and marketing
  • publish staking economics design on inflation, issuance rate, soft cap
  • hire CMO w/ community communication, team coordination, startup conviction
li jiang (@lijiang2087, medium)
eugene kim (@astralblue, github)
  • reduce monthly network traffic budget from $35k to $20k
  • delegate 100% (from 30%) of pangaea operations to community
  • reduce weekly mainnet deploy time from 30 team hours to 2
chao ma (@chaosma000, github)
  • staking transactions for validators & delegators with 10 tests
  • improve view changes with 15 end-to-end tests (from 5)
  • demo zkproof app from aztec, hire 1 eng
minh doan (@minhdoan82, github)
  • staking dashboard (lunie), integrated with math wallet / ledger
  • chrome-extension wallet for signing staking transactions
  • transaction pool to prioritize & synchronize transactions among validators
john whitton (@john_a_whitton, github)
edgar aroutiounian (@edgararout, github)
  • staking: EPoS rewards, committee member assignment, slashing unavailability
  • integrate with Metamask via plugin API for 2 wallets
  • reduce average CPU utilization on t3.small by 25%
dennis won (@denni_swon, medium, github)
  • bridge from ERC20 to BEP2, also native ONE token
  • port MakerDao’s Dai with $10k assets
  • carbon payment API on animoca game or puzzle
garlam won (@garlamwon, medium)
  • korean KRW/ONE fiat pairs: upbit, probit, coinone
  • $2M staking from asia; 3 korea partnerships (bigbangangels, snek)
  • 10 teammates tracking tasks w/ Asana
helen li (@chaowen28, medium)
gizem cakil (@gizemcakil, medium)
  • pangaea academy with pangaea ops (p-ops) team
  • social mining w/ 500 pagaeans and organic governance mechanism
  • technical bounty program with 10 collaborators, pangaea testing
robin schmidt (@dirschmidt, medium, youtube, instagram)
  • improve youtube to 10k views, instagram to 500 likes, twitter to 3k views per video
  • 30% clicks on new website (quadrilemma, pangaea, defi), hire 1 video producer
  • publish proposal for 90-min documentary on privacy & open finance
nikos kostopoulos (@nickostopoulos, medium)
  • 120k twitter followers, 10 more wallets, 1000 telegram online, 100 EU nodes
  • publish on cross-border defi (remittance, billing, payroll) in europe
ganesha upadhyaya (@gupadhyaya, github)
  • JS SDK for staking in trust wallet / math wallet
  • SDK with cross-shard, publish migration tutorial on animoca demo app
  • resharding design doc: compare with ETH2 and near protocol
andy wu (@bwu2sfu, github)
  • reduce monthly machine cost from $60k to $30k
  • convert 380 m5a instances to t3.small
  • reduce weekly offline nodes to less than 1.5% (out of 600) and to 5% total offline time
howard yu (@cottontail2000, github)
daniel van der maden (@danielvdmaden, github)
vlad (flicker) (@flicker05091469, github)

nick vasilich (@vasilich_nick, medium): 1000 russian community, $1m social mining

maggie wang (@maggiewangharm1, medium): hire 1 biz & 1 intern, 100 TGI new guests

sarah nofal (@sarahn_harmony): 500 arabic telegram, 1000 arabic twitter

alex kretsch (@alex_kretsch): expensify in 10 hours, 1-day bounty distribution

john lam (@john_lamu, medium): foundation nodes 100% uptime, 10k likes on instagram

janet liang (@janetlharmony, github): watchdog for /1h monitoring, p-ops mainnet regression

manish gangal (@manish0338, github): node monitor tui, unified config viper, multiple BLS keys

yu yi (@HarmonyYuyi): 1000 weibo followers, 5000 wechat

Stephen Tse
Harmony CEO

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