Harmony started the year with a bang. We published our 2020 ecosystem growth and wrote out our roadmap and strategy for 2021.

Here’s what happened in January:

  • 🚀 Ecosystem Product Launches
  • 🤝 Partnerships
  • 📺 In the Media
  • 👁️ Looking Ahead

With our partner Animoca, we launched the official Beast Quest NFT chest sale with over 1660 collectibles sold in the campaign. This marks our first branded collectibles sale on Harmony that also allowed users who bought collectibles to earn additional staking rewards on the Animoca validator, combining a NFT and DeFi experience.

Our Hack the Horizon hackathon has also now concluded. We awarded 16 winners building a variety of cross-chain DeFi applications, and technical improvements for our Horizon bridge.

Our grantee Blits has released their wallet for holding ONE, HRC20 and HRC721 on both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. They are in the process of launching cross-chain loans for users to collateralize their ETH to take out a loan on Harmony.

We have released all 30 episodes of the DeFi101 series, an educational series that takes viewers through a tour de force of the entire decentralized finance ecosystem in an easy to understand way.

Our validator and grantee Everstake has launched its Harp Bridge from Polkadot to Harmony on testnet. Lastly, our team has upgraded our Horizon bridge to Ethereum with 3 new features to migrate native ETH, ERC20 and ERC721 to Harmony.

Partnership Announcements

We have announced a number of partnerships this month to accelerate the adoption of Harmony.

We partnered with Travala, the largest travel booking website native to cryptocurrencies, to add Harmony ONE as a payment option for 3 million travel products. We partnered with Hummingbot to launch our 2nd liquidity mining campaign. Watch our AMA with Hummingbot co-founder Carlos about scaling cross-chain finance.

We are collaborating with UTU to integrate its credit scoring oracles into DeFi lending apps built on Harmony. We will collaborate on future cross-border finance projects. With Certik Foundation, we are securing the DeFi ecosystem through integrations of its security oracle powered by their Skynet.

In the community, we are working closer with the Blockchain Education Network (BEN) to educate the next generation of blockchain builders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.

Congrats to our long term partner SafePal for becoming the 1st Binance Launchpad project in 2021. We hosted a hold & earn campaign with them this month.

In The Media

We were published and featured in several leading media this month.

  • Nasdaq published our article on how Harmony can bring 2-second finality time to global financial transactions.
  • In Coindesk, we wrote about scaling blockchain to millions of new users by fixing silos and building interoperability between the major ecosystems including Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • Our article in CoinTelegraph argues that for DeFi adoption to go beyond the early Ethereum community, it will need faster block times that Harmony is built to provide.
  • We were featured in the Going Deep with Aaron Watson podcast
  • And we participated at a virtual event DeFi in the age of ETH 2.0 with other leaders in the blockchain space including Guarda Wallet, Digitalax, and Blockchain Capital.
  • We have been hosting weekly community AMAs with our team leaders on vision, marketing, and technical roadmap. We’ll continue to engage our community with greater transparency.

Looking Ahead

We are on our way to Miami to meet developers in our meetup event on Tuesday, February 2 as part of Miami Blockchain Week.

Later this week, ETHDenver kicks off on Friday, February 5. We are sponsoring 5 bounties to build applications that connect Harmony, our Horizon bridge to Ethereum, and any of the 40+ sponsoring protocols to demonstrate Harmony’s cross-chain infrastructure.

Developers can build on Harmony today, a fast and open blockchain for decentralized applications. Harmony Mainnet supports state sharding with instant finality. Our staking mechanism reduces centralization while supporting delegation and slashing.

Got an idea? Build it on Harmony and apply for a grant.

We ❤️ Developers.

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