Harmony launches support for Gnosis Safe, enabling developers and users to practice stronger security standards through multisig transactions.

Harmony is fully EVM and Ethereum tooling compatible and we are witnessing great developer activity in the recent weeks. Users have been able to use decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain bridges on Harmony easily with Metamask connected to the Harmony network.

As early adopters deploy and use these applications, we are excited to see the first few governance proposals within some of these communities.

For example, check out the discussions and governance activity on validator network governance, Venom DAO, Mochi Swap.

Taking the safety and security of transactions and assets within the Harmony ecosystem to the next level, we are excited to launch support for Gnosis Safe, a leading multisig solution. This will enable smooth decentralized governance across many upcoming initiatives within the Harmony ecosystem.

Gnosis Safe Multisig on Harmony

With Gnosis Safe on Harmony, developers and users can:

  • Setup a multisig wallet, called a safe.
  • Create and manage the multiple wallet addresses that participate in multi-signature.
  • Set the threshold number of signers for a multisig transaction to go through.
  • Track and manage all multisig transaction activity
  • Track and receive assets on the multisig wallet account
  • Set spending limits for the owner accounts.

A quick sneak peak of the interface is below, but read the detailed documentation to get started.


Gnosis Safe operates using smart contracts and is completely non-custodial. The original codebase has been audited and formally verified by the Gnosis Safe team. Harmony has forked this multisig implementation. Here’s the repos for you to review on Github: contracts, transaction service, front-end. We thank the Gnosis Safe team for building such a useful product to enhance security of blockchain transactions and assets.

Get Started

Read the full documentation on how to setup multisig on Harmony. Right now Gnosis Safe on Harmony will work with Metamask wallet only. In the coming days, we will add support for other wallets that support Harmony assets.