Stakeholders and community,

We are progressing towards the P2 stage of open staking launch on Harmony. This phase will include 10M $ONE tokens in incentives for open hacking.

To participate, you can claim one of the 200 external validator seats. We have both validator and delegator experience, including staking and unstacking on Harmony’s staking dashboard and check real-time staking rewards distribution.

We will support our community members by raffling 3 months of computing power. Winning one of the prizes supplies you with 3 months of cloud compute credits for running your validator.

What you need to do to win the Raffle:

1. Spin up your node and run a validator ( We are supporting validators 24/7 in our community chat: @PangaeaVolunteers.

2. Sign up for Raffle;

3. Wait for the Raffle winners Announcement (after P-3 completion);

To build participation, the Raffle will take effect after we reach all 200 validating slots filled. We will select 5 winners. Qualifying cloud instances are AWS VPS (t3.small Instance) or Vultr Cloud Compute (80 Gb SSD, 2 CPU, 4096MB, Memory 3000 GB Bandwidth).

In the upcoming P3 phase we will be converting the testnet block rewards to mainnet tokens.

$100 free Vultr Credit (for everyone):

Register new Vultr account using (Link takes you to Vultr homepage, but credits will be applied after creating an account after using the link above. A new customer must link a valid credit card or Paypal method to be eligible for the $100 credit.)