Harmony kept building strong momentum in February. Most importantly, we completed full Ethereum tooling compatibility to allow developers to scale their applications on Harmony with low fees.

Read on for the rest of our ecosystem, partnership, and media highlights:

🚀 Ecosystem Product Launches

We launched full compatibility with Ethereum tools including Metamask, Web3.js, ethers.js, Truffle and Remix. We showcase Harmony as a scaling solution for Ethereum versus layer 2 solutions in a technical deep dive.

At ETHDenver, we hosted a workshop doing a live porting of an Ethereum app. We demonstrated how any developer can port an app to Harmony with the same Ethereum tooling and how they can take advantage of cross-chain assets. Come scale your Ethereum applications on Harmony with 2-second finality and low fees.

Our grantee Blits has launched their cross-chain loans using the Harmony-Ethereum bridge. Also, we received several strong hackathon submissions from ETHDenver and Arcade City demonstrated migrating their ERC20 Arcade tokens to Harmony, “2-second block times and sub-penny tx fees = FINALLY, $ARCD IS USABLE!”.

🤝 Partnerships Announcements

February was another month of building with partners and developers to scale our cross-chain finance ecosystem.

We are partnering with Reef to make cross-chain DeFi more accessible and easier to use for mass adoption. With Meter, we’ll be launching their stablecoin on Harmony to form a stable collateral for DeFi apps.

We are also integrating with API3’s decentralized APIs and will host a joint hackathon to build DeFi dapps with highly reliable, transparent and decentralized price reference data. Speaking of hackathons, we are sponsoring the Hack the System Hackathon, a 10-week program engaging 75 universities. And we are also supporting Sperax in a grant to bring more women-led teams into blockchain.

To make Harmony ONE ever more accessible to people, we have designed a way for users to use Wyre fiat gateway to get ETH. Then using the Horizon bridge and our Swoop decentralized exchange, convert those ETH into native ONEs. Our long term partner Binance.US continues to allow recurring buy — daily, weekly, and monthly — of ONE. Thanks to Creatick Studio which now accepts Harmony ONEs as digital payment alongside Visa and Paypal.

📺 In the Media

To kick off the month, we presented at Miami Blockchain Week and at ETHDenver on scaling Ethereum applications and cross-chain finance.

We also engaged the community at the following events and media outlets:

👁️ Looking Ahead

We will be presenting at the upcoming Cross-Chain Workshop on March 8th at 1pm PST on our paper: “A Gas-efficient Light Client for Cross-chain Applications”.

In March, we will continue to work on demonstrating our core value proposition as a scaling solution for Ethereum applications. And we are excited to keep building with our community next month on cross-chain finance.

Become ONE with Harmony

Developers can build on Harmony today, a fast and open blockchain for decentralized applications. Harmony Mainnet supports state sharding with instant finality. Our staking mechanism reduces centralization while supporting delegation and slashing.

Got an idea? Build it on Harmony and apply for a grant.

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