Harmony and Dusk Network partner to collaboratively work on PLONK to build towards the first industry grade standardized zero knowledge proof system. Among many other implementations, Dusk Network’s PLONK will help speed up block synchronization times and improve cross-chain bridges and mobile support. PLONK is one of the most advanced and user friendly libraries to build future-proof use cases.

Our long-term collaboration starts with Harmony building on PLONK to develop zk-light clients. Zero-knowledge based lightclients require only downloading the latest proof and verifying it to sync to the latest state of the blockchain. Syncing to the latest state of blockchain for PoS chains like Harmony means getting the trustable epoch committee (elected validator public keys), such that user’s block inclusion proofs can be validated.

This simple and straightforward application brings immediate value to a lot of users, and the standardization gained from using PLONK means we can bridge benefits cross-chain, and even cross-device.

Working together on PLONK means that Harmony delivers on its ambition of scaling the Ethereum ecosystem, as well as bringing the benefits of cross-chain. We are excited to partner with the Dusk Network on this long-term research collaboration and co-funding various zero-knowledge related applications that will both improve the Harmony ecosystem and add new insights to the growing body of knowledge in cryptography and computer science.

Dusk Network is the privacy blockchain for financial applications. Dusk Network envisions a financial industry that embraces innovation and provides equal opportunity for any organization to secure capital, trade assets and access a full spectrum of financial services. Companies use the Dusk Network blockchain to issue tokens, trade and collaborate via smart contracts. Dusk Network recently became a shareholder of the Dutch Stock Exchange: NPEX.

About Harmony

Harmony is the Future is Cross-Chain Finance. Harmony is a fully Ethereum compatible blockchain that allows you to build scalable cross-chain applications.

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