Now is the time for delegators to step up and tell us what you think.

As part of our extensive testing initiative for open staking, we’d like to invite you as a delegator to test our staking dashboard and share your feedback on our forum! Your goal is to maximize your staking returns — top performers and contributors will be rewarded!


💰A total of 250,000 $ONE rewards distributed to delegators who earn rewards (we will share final earnings after product feedback loop).

💰Up to 250,000 $ONE rewards pool for all good product feedback shared on the forum.


This campaign will last for ONE more week and ends on Apr 29.


  1. Create a new $ONE address to fill in the sign-up form (no upper limits for the number of participants).
  2. See how many staking rewards you can earn with ONE million initial test tokens!
  3. Share feedback on the forum.

Your goal:

  • Maximize your staking rewards. The base reward tokens will be distributed based on your staking rewards earned.
  • Share key insights and feedback on the delegation user experience on our staking dashboard.

What to test:

  • Test the delegation flow: view list of validators, check Analytics page, delegate, un-delegate, claim rewards. Give UI feedback on the delegation user flow/journey and report any issues on our forum.
  • Test the economic logic: delegate to validators with high expected returns.

Share the results:

  • Share with us your thoughts on how to guarantee a flawless staking journey. Your opinion matters!
  • Have a one-on-one session with the team (example).
  • Start a discussion on the Pangaea main group.

Happy testing!


How do I set up a Harmony wallet?
Yes please follow the intstructions below. It should take only 5 minutes, as easy as installing an APP on your phone.
Do I need to create a new wallet address?
Yes please. Only use it for this campaign during the testing. Your address on Ankr is a validator address thus is invalid. Regular transactions(which means you fund the wallet yourself) besides the initial funding transaction will disqualify you as a participant.
The Staking Dashboard.
Using the staking dashboard( any ONE holder can delegate their tokens to validators and earn rewards. Just open the delegator’s profile, click delegate, and sign the transaction amount through the wallet.
How to maximize return?
Our P-OPs Soph has posted some quick notes on how to maximize APR, which can be a good starting point. The basic rule is to choose the ones with the highest expected return, and checking other metrics at the same time, uptime, fees, max fee change, etc. Screenshot your validator portfolio and tell us how you make the decision.
Before you start the quest, we recommend you familiarize with our Definitive Guide to Harmony Open Staking.
3-Min Delegator Walkthrough