Today, the Debrief team has announced that will extend support for dAPI middleware on Harmony.

Harmony Technology is a global-scale blockchain infrastructure platform with decentralization at its core. Harmony’s open infrastructure and low-fee consensus platform will help to power decentralized economies of the future.

“We’re excited about our strategic partnership with Harmony — one of the first steps towards mainstream, traditional adoption of our middleware,” said Jeff Pulver, Co-Founder of Debrief. “We now have strong momentum, and we are working toward adding exponential value to the Harmony ecosystem so users worldwide can access the benefits of Debrief’s data privacy.”

Jeff Pulver has played an active role in the evolution of Internet Communications. He is passionate for the communications industry and strongly advocates for the world’s innovators in this respective field.

He has been involved in pioneering several startups which have seriously impacted the future of communications. One of his first passions, telecommunications, was driven by his desire to bring free communication to globally connect the world. Free World Dialup, launched in 1995, was the first phone network to run on the Internet. Vonage, the first successful ‘broadband telephone company’ that reached $3B USD valuation at its height, Jeff grew out of a past venture of his started in 1998.

While also investing in over 400 startups, including being an early investor in Twitter, Jeff has been looking into how Internet communications continues to grow and be innovated, while at the same time focusing on the evolution of blockchain technologies.

“I’ve always seen the opportunities for blockchain, ever since it was called blockchain. I’ve had my ear to the ground waiting for the next technological revolution, and I think that’s blockchain,” says Co-founder of Debrief Jeff Pulver. “The possibilities it offers to industries around the world are endless. And now, I’m privileged to have the opportunity to combine my passion for communication with greater data privacy and overall security due to the advancements in blockchain.”

Debrief will offer dAPI middleware to the Harmony ecosystem and will also collaborate with Harmony in future marketing campaigns.

Middleware is a key component of Debrief to enable decentralized communication for any traditional app or blockchain protocol.

Having the ability to add Debrief’s decentralized middleware (dAPI) capabilities to any app will enable significant growth and adoption through the SDKs that Debrief will make available to the public. Traditional applications will be able to benefit from the secure blockchain authentication, unique and private connections for communication, decentralized file storage, and more, that Debrief Middleware can enable.

About Harmony

Harmony is a fast and secure blockchain with key innovations in state sharding and peer-to-peer networking. Its sharding uses secure proof-of-stake and decentralized randomness, and its networking achieves optimal cross-shard routing and fast block propagation. Built by a 12-person team featuring 7 engineers from Google, Apple, & Amazon and 2 PhDs. Currently, Harmony’s team is counting more than 25 engineers and an extended team of 50 contributors.

Harmony’s technical architecture implements a full & secure sharding scheme, efficient consensus, and scalable networking infrastructure. Harmony relies on a secure sharding process, where validators are distributed into shards based on randomness that is both unpredictable and unbiased. Harmony is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, where validators need to stake a certain number of tokens to be eligible for block validation. Harmony integrates an efficient consensus protocol called FBFT that combines BLS multi-signature and view change protocol to achieve high robustness and low latency. With the adoption of networking technology including RaptorQ fountain code and Kademlia routing, Harmony is able to achieve cross-shard transactions that scale sub linearly by the number of shards.

Both Debrief and Harmony are excited to work together to continue bring blockchain and decentralized finance into the mainstream!

About Debrief

Debrief’s mission is to create a communication network solution that no longer exposes confidential information, but instead, reduces the costs incurred for security and truly secures sensitive business and personal data on the blockchain. Debrief not only has been built to support multiple secure and private communication functions and applications, it has also been developed to include layering with other mainstream blockchains and have a diverse ecosystem of applications building on top of it. Debrief’s unique middleware is a layer that can be added into any mainstream, centralized applications to enable Debrief’s secure blockchain authentication and functionalities within their platform using top blockchains infrastructure.

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