Day ONE Mainnet Launched on June 28. Immediately we turned our focus to executing Mainnet Phase 2, setting non-negotiable targets and milestones.

However, we have to acknowledge that much of this space still suffers from a deep lack of transparency from projects particularly regarding development. This is the age of open-source development, blockchains are an immutable source of truth. It’s time we stepped up and held ourselves to standards that reflect this.

From now on our development updates will be open source. No fancy Medium post or clever graphics. Just a living document, connected directly to team updates in real time.

We recognize the need for a forum where you can express your opinion. Telegram is ill-suited to this so we’re opening this document up to you. Where you can comment, ask questions and have your voice heard.

This is the true power of a great community, an always-on, connected feedback loop to accelerate innovation and generate better outcomes.

Here’s what to expect through the next phases of Mainnet. The key numbers are in blue. More nodes means more shards means more speed.


Mainnet DAY ONE momentum:

  • Harmony Mainnet Day ONE has been running smoothly for over 600k blocks now. All the 452 genesis nodes are up and running healthy
  • Our team is engaging in technical discussion with Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum), Zaki Manian (Cosmos) and Charles Hoskinson (Cardano) and many more projects to bring the best research to production.
  • For dApp Developers, we continue to work with Firestack on Harmony SDK for launch on Mainnet Phase 2 Alpha.
  • Yongxin Zhou (Security startup founder, Math. Ph.D) started on 7/12 as a full-time research engineer. Engineering intern Chris Liu (CS @ USCD), started on 7/1.
  • Added flexible network sharding configuration to enable support of local devent, testnet, and mainnet configuration.

Launched Mainnet Phase 2 Beta Net on July 12:

  • This network has enabled token transfer, smart contract calls, and RPC services for Harmony SDK. It is a staging ground to prepare for the full Mainnet Phase 2 launch in August. Our technical approach is to keep our network persistently running and treat this network the same way we treat the real Mainnet.
  • Mainnet Phase 2 Beta Net is also a proving ground where our team can stress test new features not already included in Mainnet Day ONE.
  • This Beta Net will allow for a smooth upgrade of the Mainnet to Phase 2: new features will first run on this Beta network and get fully tested in real-life network conditions before being promoted and deployed on the real Mainnet.
  • Mainnet Phase 2 Beta Net will soon offer a place for node operators on our waitlist to try out validating on the network, so that they are fully ready for Mainnet Phase 2 by the time they join and will provide the first place for dApp developers to test drive their applications.

For Node Operators, we started working on an easier-to-use node deployment system called ONE Click Deploy:

  • Using Terraform Platform to deploy nodes.
  • Makes it easy to run and manage multiple nodes on any platform AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean, Vultr etc.
  • Currently a prototype for Amazon Web Service is available.

Business & Community:

Scaling partnerships:

Engaging community:

Executing events:

Going on Invincible Summer Asia tour.

  • July 24 Harmony London Meetup.
  • Sep 11–12 Harmony was selected to be one of 15 top companies to present at Consensus Asia in Singapore (previous presenters include Ethereum, Zilliqa).
  • Sep 16–18 Harmony will speak at Shanghai International Blockchain Week hosted by Wanxiang (other speakers include Vitalik Buterin/Ethereum, Jae Kwon/Cosmos, Silvio Micali/Algorand).
  • October 8–11 in Japan.
  • October 28 SF Blockchain Week in San Francisco
  • Early Nov: Harmony team will do a multi-city tour to meet partners & developers in Korea, Shanghai, Beijing, and India.

Don’t forget you can easily check up on the team’s thoughts, ideas, and updates here.

Harmony Team
July 14, 2019