May was a busy month for the Harmony team and community developers.

A few of the critical accomplishments from this past month include:

  • Crazy.ONE launched on May 11th. Harmony owns the subdomain name and the community can now get a personalized subdomain that is both an NFT and can be linked to their ONE wallet. Over 1,000 sub-domains have been registered and the proceeds (over 20,500 ONEs) have been deposited in the Community DAO wallet.
  • The Age of DAOs has begun. On May 7th, the Validator DAO was announced. Elections for the initial DAO council took place during the week of May 24th and we are excited to welcome the winners to the DAO council. Additionally, the Community DAO is currently being organized and we look forward to furthering the decentralization of the Harmony project.
  • Gitcoin ONE Love: Round 2 kicked off. The initial Gitcoin hackathon was quite the success with over $75,000 awarded in successful bounties. This second round will continue the momentum and the work. We are anticipating over $300,000 in rewards will be paid out before the end of the summer (July 25).

Harmony Garage Launches on YouTube

Sam Harrison, head of Ecosystem Growth, launched the Garage launched with an AMA with Peter Abilla, the head of Marketing and Partnerships. They talked about the growth of the ecosystem, questions from the community around marketing and even touched on how great it is to be a parent.

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In May, we saw many new partnerships being announced and going live. Some, such as Injective and Knit Finance, provide further DeFi “lego blocks” fleshing out and enhancing the Harmony DeFi ecosystem. Others, such as Webb and Gnosis Safe, provide vital primitives such as private transactions and multi-sig wallets.

Other partnerships are furthering their efforts in cross-chain interoperability (Vite Labs) and fiat on-ramps (Transak). Transak is particularly interesting as it is integrated with one of the best mobile wallets supporting Harmony, Blits.


Harmony will be launching several DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) over the next several months. Fully owned and operated by the community, these DAOs will be funded with $10M worth of ONEs and will be focused on driving decentralized governance and the growth of Harmony’s network, product, marketing and more.

Read more here.

The Gitcoin hackathons have been a great success. Harmony ONE Love — Round 1 took place between March 25th and May 3rd. Over 400 developers participated claiming over $75,000 in rewards.

Round 1 was such a success, we are doing it again. Launched on May 25th and lasting until July 25th, Harmony ONE Love — Round 2 looks to award over $300,000 in bounties. Over 425 developers are already involved in hunting down and submitting bounties and we invite you to join them over on gitcoin.

Learn more here.


The Harmony Ecosystem continues to grow at an impressive pace. Even though this Ecosystem Map was only published a few days ago, there are already new applications, dexs and services that have gone live on Harmony that aren’t captured.

The beauty of an open platform is that ANYONE can build. Yes, even you. So get out there and BUILD SOMETHING!


Where can you find your favorite Harmonaut and product update? Well, take a look. May was covered with events, videos, AMAs and more and we were only able to capture the smallest number here. Take a look at what has been happening and be prepared to engage with the community and crew this summer as we continue to build and ship amazing products and services.

Stephen participated in an AMA on the Harmony subreddit located here. But he also did a video AMA with See that open interview here. Stephen published two articles in May. One in Innovation & Technology on the environmental concerns of NFTs and another in ReadWrite on the importance of blockchain interoperability.

Li was featured on the Disruptors Collective Podcast where he discussed his journey into blockchain, what does it mean to build bridges and — in the words of the hosts — dropped some serious knowledge bombs on the audience.

Peter took part in an AMA with the OIN Finance community on their Telegram channel. You can find that discussion at this link. He was also the inaugural guest on the “Harmony Garage” YouTube series.

Yuri held an AMA with the Harmony community on the subreddit r/harmony_one. See his AMA here.

Where are some Products and Partners?

ViperSwap and daVinci Gallery did a joint AMA on the Harmony subreddit last month. A lot of interesting details about both projects were shared. You can read through it here.

Hypersign — a decentralized identity and access management security solution — held an AMA with the Harmony community on the Harmony Telegram channel. The AMA starts at this location.

Become ONE with Harmony

Developers can build on Harmony today, a fast and open blockchain for decentralized applications. Harmony Mainnet supports state sharding with instant finality. Our staking mechanism reduces centralization while supporting delegation and slashing.

Got an idea? Build it on Harmony and apply for a grant.

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