Harmony open staking is almost ready, now it’s coming to Pangaea, our incentivized testnet, for you to test it out!

We invite all hackers, seasoned validators and professional stakers to join Stake Heist, and unlock prizes totaling up to 10 Million ONE tokens.

Your mission is to find ways to exploit our open staking design and create malicious scenarios. We will share more details about the possibilities for valid exploitations, and respective rewards in the upcoming days.

We believe our Effective Proof-of-Stake model is likely to make things more exciting to play with. In the meantime, you can start thinking about:

  • Can you go against EPoS?
  • Can you bypass slashing?
  • Can you configure an unfair validator?
  • Can you manipulate other validators’ stakes to outbid them?
  1. Sign up for Stake Heist
  2. Read up on Effective Proof-of-Stake and token economic model
  3. Study our Github and staking documentation

When does it start?

As we work on finding and resolving issues together with our community, we are gradually extending our testing user base as well as the scale.

Earlier today, we have shared our testnet release plan for open staking, take a look below. Currently we are in Pangaea 1, and we expect to upgrade to Pangaea 2 in the upcoming days. This is where Stake Heist will take place.

Hold still for the exact start-date announcement for the competition in the coming days.

For those who missed the first phases of Pangaea last summer, make sure to catch up. In the meantime, shout out to P-OPS team, foundational nodes and community volunteers who have been relentlessly testing our features so far.