We are pleased to announce that ERC20 $ONE tokens are now available in the Imtoken!

A week after its Huobi Fasttrack list, ONE ERC20 was listed on imToken, one of the most popular digital asset wallets, on October 14.

ImToken is one of the most popular digital asset wallets in the world, and is one of the most software cryptocurrency wallets in China! The wallet has been downloaded on over 10 million devices cumulatively and currently supports four public chains: Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS and Cosmos. ImToken is renowned for its safety, ease of use and versatility. On October 14, $ONE was officially listed on imToken, allowing token holders to manage their tokens via the wallet and access to other potential services derived from our cooperation in the future.

Ben He- CEO of Imtoken has stated in a previous interview that Imtoken wallet is handling roughly $35 billion worth of crypto assets are held in Imtoken wallets — a figure that dwarfs the $20 billion worth of customer funds held by Coinbase.

In order to promote the large-scale use of ONE, the Harmony team has been working actively via multiple channels to facilitate integration with other exchanges, wallets and key partners.

In addition to the listing cooperation, Imtoken will assist the Harmony team with the insights they are able to gather as the biggest ETH wallet provider.

On May 31, 2019, Harmony completed its listing on both Binance exchange and Binance DEX (decentralized exchange) as a BEP2 token and ONE was officially launched to the community. Shortly after the Binance IEO, ONE was also listed on Bitmax, Gate and Kucoin within two months.

In addition, Carbon has also become an official partner of Harmony to develop a fiat gateway and a Harmony-native stablecoin. With Carbon, Harmony dApps can enable any purchases in $ONE tokens using Apple Pay and credit cards in a few lines of code under one minute. Clearly, the Harmony team has been actively preparing for large-scale application of ONE in the future.

On October 9th,$ ONE tokens were officially listed on HuobiGlobal as an ERC20-based token, further accelerating the process of ONE being accessible via multiple channels.

You can download Imtoken for IoS or Android here: /token.im/download