Now anyone in the world who stake a set amount of ONE tokens and have access to modest compute resources can run a node on the Harmony Mainnet.

Our engineering team implemented and successfully completed a rolling network upgrade this week to expand Harmony Mainnet from 600 to 800 nodes, with 208 external nodes or 26% external participation.

We plan to do our next network upgrade tomorrow (Friday, August 9th). We aim to on-board 30% external nodes as we continue to work towards a fully-permissionless and decentralized network.

To participate in the next rolling network upgrade please submit your network info by 8:00am PDT Friday August 9th.

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The Basics

Currently each unique person/entity can run up to 2 nodes for now. To run a node, you will need to stake 1m ONE tokens per node.

How to run a node?

Just start by following this guide: You do NOT need to be a computer scientist, or rocket scientist, to run a node. Our team will help on-board new nodes on Discord, Telegram and WeChat.

You can run a node on AWS or VULTR.

What will I earn?

Currently, the daily block rewards is 1M ONE tokens for the entire network divided by the number of nodes on the network. This is designed to radically incentivize the early nodes who join to bootstrap the Harmony network.