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Crazy.ONEs, DAOs and ONE Love Round 2, May Update.

May was a busy month for the Harmony team and community developers. A few of the critical accomplishments from this past month include: Crazy.ONE launched…


Privacy on Harmony, Powered by Webb

Today, we are excited to announce a collaboration between Webb and Harmony to build out a Webb Anchor on the Harmony EVM. This will bring a…


Harmony Foundation Kickstarts the Validator DAO

The Harmony Foundation is committing 4 million ONE tokens to kickstart the Validator DAO. This will be the first of many DAOs the Foundation will be…


What Does It Mean to Be “Decentralized”?

We keep using this word. Does it mean what we think it means?Decentralized. We use that word all of the time in the crypto-sphere. Decentralized…