Stake Heist Hackathon ended on 8th May 23:59 UTC with 11 valid submissions and total of 4,375,000 ONEs to be given out as prizes to 6 participants.

We launched Stake Heist prior to Open Staking to allow our community to contribute to building staking tools (we called them ‘projects’) as well as finding bugs in our staking design. Since this competition happened mostly around the projects, we also launched a private security competition with Hackerone to specifically focus on exploits on an ongoing basis.

Stake Heist received 11 submissions over the 3 week period running in collaboration with Gitcoin. Let’s see the winners of each category.

Validator alerts

This bounty was the most popular based on submissions! Top 3 submissions and respective prizes are:

  1. Chainode = 1,000,000 ONE
  2. Staking4All = 500,000 ONE
  3. Fragmnt = 250,000 ONE

Validator portal

This bounty was the most popular based on people who started working on it. Submissions eligible for a reward:

  1. liszper = 1,000,000 ONE
  2. satishkumarj = 500,000 ONE

If you have an ongoing work under this bounty, please reach out to us to discuss a time extension and have the chance to be still eligible for a reward.

Multi-delegate feature on Staking Dashboard

We are so glad to finally have this feature, huge improvement in delegators’ lives! Winner of this category:

  • Vikram = 1,000,000 ONE

Manipulate staking rewards [exploit]

This is the only exploit bounty who had a winner, and that is:

  • Chainode = 125,000 ONE

You will receive your rewards within a week after you complete the required KYC. Please follow this link to complete KYC and fill out this form.

Thank you everyone who participated and took the time to learn about Harmony open staking. Open staking finally arrived, but the community contribution will continue stronger than ever. Stay tuned for our upcoming grants program :)